SoFi is the perfect answer for any company wanting to offer a free,
value added service to their clients and simultaneously, attracting
new ones too.

Connect in four easy steps:

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Customers join your Social Hotspot

Customers connect with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or Twitter

Your Business builds a list to market to your customers

Customers enjoy free Wifi and special promotion

Taking proximity marketing to a Whole New Level

Your customers can sign in and connect through social media such as; Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn for free WIFI access.

We provide a user friendly control panel that will assist in managing and editing features such as advertising, social media notifications, devices and more.

Obtain a greater customer reach by receiving Facebook and other social media data for campaigning and remarketing purposes.

Through your customer’s WiFi enabled device, you will be able to connect and engage with them by using mobile friendly campaigns and advertising banners.

This is the new phenomenon of free WiFi powered by Social media platforms, exclusively found at SoFi.


Suitable for all devices

A comprehensive medium for the management of WiFi services from one server to an irrespective amount of devices and points of access throughout multiple global locations.

SoFi’s WiFi hotspot has been carefully constructed in a unique way to work with all mobile and WiFi enabled devices, such as laptops, smart phones and tablets.

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Mobile Administration and Observance

SoFi has cleverly configured the admin panel so it is easy to monitor and analyse in real-time devices that are using the respective hotspot.

There is an available online application and mobile app that can be downloaded from all major app stores.

By implementing the app, it will allow the client mobile phone access to certain features, such as informing if the device has gone offline.


Social media and customer interaction

Through social media you will have the ability to publish adverts, up and coming events, promotions and offers. There is also the exciting opportunity of introducing co-partner brand marketing.

You can also offer your clients vouchers, coupon codes and various other visual promotions through the WiFi hotspot.

Easy Plug-and-Play Loading

SoFi uses a scalable hotspot managing structure that easily facilitates new WiFi device additions to our portal system whilst integrating them to existing networks.

We make our gateway server integration easy and simple, be it at a single or multiple location site, our custom installation will suit all your needs.

It is capably perfect to perform under high-bandwidth and/or large areas with simplicity and cost- effectiveness.


Gateway to your Own Advertising Platform

Contrary to old-fashioned hotspots, SoFi presents full real-time statistics such as traffic frequency, gender and age breakdowns which is grounded on the Facebook Social Graph and aids in target market analysis.

SoFi has carefully designed a big advert server that will facilitates clients in uploading their own specific and respective advertisements to their own hotspot networks.

Market your own products, services, locations, events and promotions with our custom built advertising platform.


Locality Analytics

SoFi has applied a broad and extensive reporting engine to supply tracking usage of WiFi networks via the My Zone portal.

Users will have access to a visual and comprehensive report that is based on social user and guest movements and additionally, being able to track all response rates of their notifications.

Grow Your Client listings

Increase your clientele list by automatically adding new and returning visitors to your email marketing database directly from Facebook.

Capture your client’s actual email address and have the opportunity to also learn who your market is by gathering important demographical data via the Facebook Social Graph. You can also monitor real time engagement by your returning or new users.

You will then have the sufficient database to efficiently market and remarket to your visitors and guests, thus maximising your market awareness.


Guaranteed Secure Browsing

All SoFi’s products and online services guarantee secure browsing for all connected devices without a third party safety requirement.

Each and every site functions via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is managed everyday (24/7) by one of our Regional Centers.

SoFi is the only leading portal providing WiFi supervision that has a 256 Encryption key to ensure the security of any collected data from your location.


Facebook Authenticity

Authentication is easy with any valid Facebook Account.

Basically connect to the hotspot, open the browser on your device and connect via Facebook for instant access.

With Sofi, any information is safe and secure and your Facebook Privacy Policy is adopted via a Single Sign On Authentication.